Good Question: Does hairspray hurt the environment?

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Donald Trump laments that regulators ruin just about everything - even hair spray.

"Because, you know, hairspray is not like it used to be. It used to be real good," he told a crowd at a recent rally.

Trump also questions whether or not hair spray really has a negative impact on the environment, as the EPA states.

According to Bryce Bird with the Utah division of air quality, hair spray does contribute to the air pollution that we see during the winter months.

Bird says that, CFCs, which is what used to damage the ozone layer, have been completely phased out so hairspray doesn't hurt the ozone anymore. That said, he says hairspray does pollute.

It's not just hairspray. Things like household cleaners and air fresheners, even nail polish, are responsible for about 3-5% of the gunk we see in the air during inversion months.

“They do contribute actually tons per day to our local air shed," Bird says. "Although it's small, if we could all reduce that contribution, it would make a difference."

Pay It Forward: Haircuts for a better life

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Teresa Bowman sees Salt Lake City's homeless problem outside her window every day. She owns Mid City Salon in downtown. But instead of complaining to authorities, Teresa is tackling the issue another way. 

Every Wednesday, Teresa and others from the salon open shop at the Weigand Center. She provides haircuts to homeless women to give them a better sense of worth and a clean look for job interviews. 

While the Mid City Salon crew provides their work and supplies for free they require their clients to come up with goals as payment. Women getting their hair cut must agree to a goal such as going on a job interview or searching for a place to live.

In addition to her weekly venture, Teresa also employs several people who were staying at the shelter at one time. She gives them a job and a chance to move forward in life. The Mid City Salon is expanding and Teresa says she plans to hire even more people looking to get off the streets.

Because of all her hard work and help in the community, Teresa is this week's Pay It Forward recipient.


Adding Profit by Adding Purpose


Author Devin Thorpe was inspired by salon owner Teresa Brown with her community service works and wrote a book " Adding profit by adding purpose".  Find the book here.

Teresa is a hero in our community for her work with those experiencing homelessness.  Her approach works!  She proves how quickly and easily we could solve this problem if everyone only is engaged like she is.  

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